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In the best interest of the Gentlemen's Club industry and its patrons we feel it necessary to make a few suggestions regarding Strip Club Etiquette. For you newcomers these hints might help you achieve maximum enjoyment from your club experience. The Editor doesn't claim to Know-All but with over 30 years around Gentlemen's Clubs of all types we've noticed a few things.

The Basic Nature of Dancers:

Club Do's:

Club Dont's:

We have always welcomed women at Scarlett O'Hara's and accept them as equal customers of our Gentlemen's Club. We hope female patrons welcome the dancer's company and attention just as much as the male patrons do. You should not feel threatened by any of our dancers as none of them are looking for conflict with you. Please keep a positive and fun loving attitude while visiting us; the last thing the club needs is a jealous wife or girlfriend starting a fight or insulting a dancer in HER place of employment.

We hope utilizing these concepts makes your visit to Gentlemen's Clubs more enjoyable. Please come and see us often. We are waiting to please you!

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